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Tiffany hails from the small town of Lugoff, South Carolina. She moved to Charleston, South Carolina in 2010 and since arriving has completed her Masters of Business Administration and began work in the area of event coordination with a local event planning team. Throughout her work with the local event planning team, she expanded her knowledge and skill set in event management, venue and vendor setup, and other event administrative processes.

Tiffany started her work with The Charleston’s Best Women team in 2013 as a volunteer for the annual women’s summit and has developed a passion for ensuring the event continues to be a success. Her dedication and persistent to the success of the event afforded her the opportunity to serve as the Assistant Event Coordinator for the 2016 Women’s Summit and the Event Coordinator at the 2017 Women’s Summit. Tiffany officially accepted the role of being the official Event Coordinator with the newly formed team, Women Destined for Greatness (formerly known as Charleston’s Best Women) in 2017.
Tiffany’s motto when working and interacting with others comes from a Walt Disney quote that simply states, ” People will often forget what you did for them, they will even forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. She consistently provides service to her clients with a smile and has a passion for helping others bring their visions and dreams to life.