About Women Destined for Greatness

Sarah Coleman-Lee and Jesse Lee is a mother and daughter team who have positively impacted women and young girls in the Charleston SC area.  Each year this mother and daughter duo host a Women’s Empowerment Summit along with a Girls Inspired to Shine Segment (that is tailored for young ladies ages 13-18). Each year the conference has a theme that relates to the continuous growth of women and girls, which allows Sarah and Jesse to connect with all those that attends. Sarah and Jesse are very well-known in the real-estate industry and continues to unite with their community through their annual conference and other community events.

Meet The Team

 Jesse Lee & Sarah Coleman-Lee 


This conference is designed for women from all walks of life to join in sisterhood to gain insight, inspiration and network with other encouraging women. You will be empowered with the tools and resources needed to reach beyond where you are to live the life that you dream.

The ticket price is $25 for women and $10 for girls. This will include a swag bag and a hot buffet style lunch.

Our Girls Inspired to Shine segment is tailored towards girls ages 13-18.

No, registration fees will not be refunded. Once paid those funds are totally allocated to offset the cost of the event.

Yes, there will be a full buffet style lunch with desserts served during the event.

This amazing day will be filled with an inspirational speaker, a phenomenal panel of women discussing real life challenges, numerous vendors, awesome door prizes, great entertainment, networking opportunities and lunch will be provided.

We are looking for vendors that have products and services that caters to women and girls. We will host only 15 vendors, and only one vendor per business brand, so that you are exclusive and not competing against someone selling products and services from the same business brand. Therefore, vendors are accepted on a first come first serve bases. 

Yes, Crowne Plaza is our host hotel for this event. If you are interested in securing a room, please go to the Contact Page of the website and send your request. The event coordinator will follow up with you to assist with securing your room.

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